Challenge #2 My Clients Face – The People Challenge

Do you have any challenge with people in your business? Listen to this podcast on how to handle employees who are uncooperative or ineffective.  

3 Things My Best Clients Do Differently To Achieve Success

They don’t have a complacent mindset. They consistently look for ways to improve and they don’t cocoon themselves by past successes. For example, a successful client of mine in the auto service business recognized that they needed to innovate. Right at this very moment they are just putting the final… [More]

The Walk Across Niagara Falls

Onboard the Maid of the Mist boat, I was ferried to the base of the Horseshoe Falls at Niagara Falls. The scenery was spectacular. Two rainbows spanned beautifully across the Falls. On this hot day of 30 degrees Celsius, the mist was a welcoming break from the heat despite the… [More]

Execution Without Measurement Is Gambling

Execution is doing the necessary work to realize the results you set out to achieve. Execution requires resources: people, time and money. To ensure that your efforts are not wasted, you need to be clear on the results you aim for so that you select the right initiatives to work… [More]

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