Integrated Solutions for Optimal Results

Business success hinges on a clear strategy which sets the direction for the business and a pragmatic action plan to deliver the results.

For organizations looking to optimize performance, it is critical that resources such as process, technology, people are fully leveraged. Often, companies are anxious to take action to get the ball rolling and in so doing, productivity and the quality of outcomes are compromised.

Performance monitoring becomes necessary when results matter. Measurement provides affirmation on actions and indication on progress. It is an important element for monitoring execution.

We help organizations develop and review their strategies to ensure that they have a clear roadmap. We review their operations and identify opportunities to enhance performance, and develop the appropriate performance measures to monitor the critical activities and results.

Strategy and Business Planning

To chart a roadmap to success, a clear vision and strategy, realistic goals, and a solid action plan are  essential. CDC Synectics can help through:

  • Strategy and planning session facilitation – Providing guidance on preparation work and facilitating structured discussions to reach an integrated plan that comprises clear strategy and focus.
  • Strategic results definition – Identifying and prioritizing key results that support the business strategy, and designing pertinent measures to monitor progress.
  • Assessment of current state  – Reviewing status quo to determine gaps and potentials.
  • Action plan development – Selecting initiatives that align with goals and results.

Operational Excellence

The approach to execution determines how well resources are utilized to deliver the desired outcomes. CDC Synectics helps you integrate people, process and technology to deliver remarkable performance through a 3D execution approach. We help to:

  • Conduct operational reviews – Using a holistic, process-centric approach to assess the execution of work in different functional areas and identifying opportunities for breakthrough improvements.
  • Reengineer processes – Redesigning work processes to eliminate frustrations and boost performance by honing in on the performance drivers, aligning process, technology and people for optimal results.
  • Leverage technology – Examining how technology is used, identifying opportunities to enhance utilization, and selecting new technology that best fits the needs of the business.
  • Implement solutions – Leading a progressive team to roll out the improvements, providing training and coaching along the way.

Performance Measurement

Monitoring of results provides insight information on performance when the measurements are relevant. Measure for measurement sake is a waste of time and money. CDC Synectics assists you with:

  • Performance measures design – Utilizing a 4-step approach to design pertinent measures that align with the strategic goals of the business.
  • Establishing line-of-sight for accountability – Cascading the corporate results to different areas of the business through tight correlation of supportive activities.
  • Monitoring of process performance – Identifying the mission critical activities for processes and developing appropriate measures to drive improvement.
  • Assessment of performance measurement practice – Providing an impartial evaluation of existing practice by using a maturity model.

Whether you are looking to take your business to the next level or seeking to better leverage your resources, a fresh and impartial perspective would trigger new ideas for developing the edge for your business.

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