Get Results That Count – Guide for Business Results Measurement


Discover how to leverage results measurement to turbo-charge performance.

Are you tired of looking at reams of statistics that don’t mean anything or provide any insightful information on business performance? For many organizations, the challenge is not a lack of metrics. The problem is measuring irrelevant results.

The secret is to get clarity on goals and results. By articulating meaningful measures for these results, you are able to drive the right focus on actions that matter. This leads to an optimal deployment of invaluable resources. Managers and employees align their day-to-day decisions and actions, avoiding unnecessary contention and confusion. Most importantly, the desired results will be attained.

This ‘put it in play today’ guide cuts straight to the core elements of results measurement that will produce actionable results. Whether you are an executive, manager, business owner, project leader or team leader, this guide will help you understand how to turn goals into clear results, develop the proper measures to monitor progress, manage the communication and assign accountability.

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Get Results that Count is concise and easy to read. At Norsat, our measurement philosophy mirrors the principles discussed in the book. We use forward and backward looking metrics to monitor the performance of each role in the company. I like Connie’s approach in linking measures for action and outcome.  You can apply her approach at the strategic level as well as at the team level.”

Amiee Chan, President & CEO, Norsat International Inc.

“The book is excellent and very insightful.  In organizations I have worked in the past there was a constant demand to measure everything and anything that was available but little of this effort turned into appropriate action.  This book really guides one to ensure that the measurements are legitimate game changers in the business.”

Steve Falkner, Executive Director, Mount Sinai Hospital Medical Imaging

“This book is concise and very practical. It provides a good roadmap for a manager who needs to think strategically about measurement. More junior managers might be looking for more specific examples or case studies that show the strategies in action, but that would be challenging to do in a way that speaks to specific industries. Instead, they’re probably better off trying to really understand the concepts, and then extrapolating from the examples given by the author. Importantly, the book helps to demystify the whole process of measurement in a business context.”

Peter Moroney, Associate Executive Director, University of British Columbia Continuing Studies

Get Results that Count provides a step by step strategic review to business measurements that are sound and understood by their audiences. I absolutely enjoyed the quotations and tips used throughout the book. Connie did a great job in keeping things relevant while ensuring the book is to the point – simple, clear and concise!”

Jimmy Yip, Operations Supervisor, FortisBC