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Thought-provoking, Informative and Interactive Keynotes

Through sharing of experiences and learnings, Connie delivers content-rich programs. Inspire and educate your audience with programs packed with real cases and hands on experience from working in the trenches.

Learning is best achieved through application. Engaging exercises are used to get the audience involved. They share their own experiences and work in small groups where applicable to apply the new knowledge. The experience helps to reinforce the learnings so that application could be immediate when they return to work.

Each program can be customized to address specific needs and incorporate target messages for the audience.


The Disciplines for Accelerating Profitable Growth

Overcoming the fear of missing out

Is your business growing profitably? Are you able to maintain consistent profits year over year? many businesses go through cycles of growth. Periods of exceptional growth after launching a new product, followed by months of drifting profits.

To maintain and accelerate profitable growth, it is paramount to have alignment throughout the business. Having worked with businesses in diverse industries, Connie has identified three key disciplines for profitable growth.

In this keynote, Connie shares practical tips on how to accelerate profitable growth, including:

  • Why focus matters when there are so many options
  • How specificity helps to align your organization
  • What is required to execute your strategy well
  • How to use meaningful results monitoring to guide decision-making

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Get Results that Count

How to leverage the right KPIs to drive results

In the fast changing marketplace, execution matters more than ever. To deliver exceptional results, business leaders need to be focused with their resources. Sound performance monitoring is key to ensure that execution aligns with strategy.

Performance monitoring is more than results reporting. It is a way to build a healthy culture for setting clar goals, fostering collaboration and sharing problems openly. It is also a strategic tool to filter noise and hone in on what is important for the business.

This engaging keynote challenges the audience to examine the effectiveness of their performance measurement practices. They gain a fresh perspective on how to lead with results clarity, and learn pragmatic techniques to develop a healthy culture for performance measurement.

Discover how you can:

  • Turn strategic goals into measurable results
  • Overcome negative measurement perceptions
  • Develop insightful KPIs
  • Build a high performance culture

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Digital Transformation is NOT a Technology Undertaking

Why leading with technology would diminish your return on investment

Studies have shown that close to 70% of digital transformation projects fail. Businesses have invested significant time, money, and effort but many were unable to achieve their desired outcomes.

Digital transformation involves adoption of technology. May businesses lead with technology selection. Investing in a state-of-the-art technology might not benefit the business when the technology does not address needs. Without setting clear transformation objectives, it is easy to get buried by bells and whistles, losing sight of what you want to achieve.

Successful digital transformation improves customer experience, operations, employee productivity, or management of remote workers. These are business improvements. This practical and engaging topic highlights critical success factors for digital transformation.

You will learn:

  • How to avoid putting the cart before the horse
  • Who to involve in setting your transformation objectives
  • How to prioritize with objectivity
  • Steps to a solid transformation

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The Data-driven Culture that Enriches Business Growth

How to create a shift to proactive business management

In the digital economy, businesses that monitor the marketplace and their performance closely are armed with abundant intelligence. They are able to distil insights from data to innovate, improve, and compete.

To leverage the power of analytics, it is necessary to cultivate a data-driven culture. When everyone in a business is prepared to explore the power of data, you have a collective power house for informed decision-making and proactive business management.

In this thought-provoking keynote, Connie discusses the path to build a data-driven culture. You will learn:

  • Why a data-driven culture is a necessity in a digital economy
  • Critical success factors
  • How to get buy-in
  • How to build capabilities in the organization

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