Keynote Speaking

Thought-provoking, Informative and Interactive Keynotes

Through sharing of experiences and learnings, Connie delivers content-rich programs. Inspire and educate your audience with programs packed with real cases and hands on experience from working in the trenches.

Learning is best achieved through application. Engaging exercises are used to get the audience involved. They share their own experiences and work in small groups where applicable to apply the new knowledge. The experience helps to reinforce the learnings so that application could be immediate when they return to work.

Each program can be customized to address specific needs and incorporate target messages for the audience.


The Holy Grail to Effective Execution

A sustainable framework for business excellence

Businesses face unprecedented pressure in the marketplace, including the fluctuating global economy, lightning pace of technological advancement, and the increasingly demanding customers. It is essential for businesses to stay focused, operate from clear priorities, and optimize the return on investments.

Businesses need to execute well—not only doing the right things, but doing them well. Effective execution is the key to sustainable success for both customer retention and motivated employees.

In this practical and relevant presentation, Connie Siu reveals the key principles of effective execution and how to align actions for optimum performance.

What you will learn:

  • Key causes of poor execution
  • The “sweet spot” for effective execution
  • Techniques for consistent results delivery
  • Drivers for success

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Making Results Count

How to leverage the right measures to drive results

Clarity of purpose is critical to business success. Jumping ahead to initiate action without clearly articulating the results you want to achieve is haphazard. You risk spending resources on irrelevant work and incurring opportunity costs. Well defined results help to focus on what is important for the business. Monitoring the proper results steer you toward what deserves attention.

“What gets measured gets improved.” You want to measure the right things so that invaluable time and energy are not wasted. Measure the wrong things and you will likely get the wrong behaviors.

Connie challenges audiences to rethink the effectiveness of their performance measures and get clarity on the ‘real’ results they aim for. They leave the program with a fresh perspective on performance measurement and pragmatic techniques to drive clarity on results.

What you will learn:

  • The real purpose of performance measurement
  • How to overcome measurement problems
  • Criteria of good measures
  • Techniques to develop pertinent measures

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