Make ‘Winning Mindsets’ a Priority for Your Business

Every initiative a business embarks on has an objective to improve its current state. The business goes through the exercise of compiling a list of data to validate the business needs and the return on investment. This addresses the management’s quest to justify the allocation of funding. Once the funding… [More]

Communicating Complex Instructions

There are many ways to provide instructions. Written, verbal, and live demonstrations are some of the main approaches. For complex instructions, the learning curve could be high. You want to present the details in the simplest form so that the users won’t get confused. Instead of relying on a text-heavy… [More]

3 Communication Lessons from Home Renovation

Home renovation could be exhausting. After spending hours in selecting the design and materials, we landed a contractor to do the installation. We thought our job was done. Any technical details such as plumbing would be handled by the contractor. I was surprised to come home one day and saw… [More]

Practices that Short-change Your Change Management Effort

Modifying the status quo involves pulling people from their comfort zone and asking them to go about their routine in a new way. The success in implementing change depends on how well the change is rolled out. Whether you are enhancing a billing process or embarking on a major transformation… [More]

The Commitment for Performance

On board the plane just about to take off for San Diego, the air stewardess briefed the passengers seated in the emergency exit row the instructions to operate the exit. At the end of the briefing, she asked for verbal affirmation from those passengers that they would be willing to… [More]

Connected or Leashed

Bill Gates said in 1991, “The internet is becoming the town square for the global village for tomorrow.” 22 years later, over one-third of the world’s population use the internet. He is a visionary. Many of us are connected 24×7 via a powerful “computer” in our pocket. This is in… [More]

Do You Have a Plan B?

Upon its announcement of the departing CEO Christine Day, Lululemon’s stock price took a deep dive of 18%. The company has built a loyal customer base for its yoga wear. It has recovered nicely from an earlier kerfuffle around its ultra sheer luon yoga pants. The surprising announcement got the… [More]

Questions for Operational Effectiveness

Clarity on what needs to be done: Is there a clear understanding of what work is to be performed? Does the work involve convoluted processes? Are there any conspicuous rules that complicate the work? Clarity on responsibilities: Do the employees have a clear idea on what their responsibilities are? How… [More]

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