How to Overcome Change Resistance

How frequent do you hear the following in your conversation about change? Customer support doesn’t have access to the system The gatekeeper checks the form before it is handed over for date entry It is not the responsibility of returns processing to speak with customers Marketing needs to approve the… [More]

Practices that Short-change Your Change Management Effort

Modifying the status quo involves pulling people from their comfort zone and asking them to go about their routine in a new way. The success in implementing change depends on how well the change is rolled out. Whether you are enhancing a billing process or embarking on a major transformation… [More]

How to Overcome Resistance to Change

Change causes anxiety. The uncertain nature of the future state triggers fear, which leads to resistance. The potential effects on the business include: Drop in morale Productivity decline Voluntary resignations Impacts on customers Delays in change implementation In order to minimize fear and resistance, you need to corral people so… [More]

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