You Get What You Measure

Measurement involves logic and numbers. The more granular and precise you get, the measurement better reflects specific outcome. We deal with all sorts of measurement in our daily lives, from the volume of water we consume to the gas consumption of our automobile. Professional athletes are meticulous with their calories…. [More]

Are You Taking the Easy Route?

We all love to get things done quickly. With limited time and resources, it is good to keep moving as there is abundant work competing for our attention. However, taking the easy route is not always the best. There are 5 reasons why you need to be cautious: Overlook important… [More]

Approach for Informed Decision Making

Informed decision making requires pertinent and factual information that guides you to put options and outcomes in proper perspective. The diagram shows the key elements that you need to incorporate into your decision making process.

How to Overcome Resistance to Change

Change causes anxiety. The uncertain nature of the future state triggers fear, which leads to resistance. The potential effects on the business include: Drop in morale Productivity decline Voluntary resignations Impacts on customers Delays in change implementation In order to minimize fear and resistance, you need to corral people so… [More]

How is Your Report Card?

A report card serves to provide information on how well certain work is done. We are familiar with the idea since grade school. I went home holding my head high with ‘A’s but fearful of being scolded when I got poor grades. In the workplace, is there a similar feeling… [More]

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