Big Gains From Small Effort

With over 3,500 passengers on board, I was impressed with how well the Royal Caribbean crew managed the demands for service throughout our 7-day cruise in the Bahamas. The cabin attendants, chefs, waiters, and staff seemed to work around the clock. On days that we were at sea, the public… [More]

iPad Rocks!

I continue to be amazed by the creative use of the iPad across industries, from helping young children learn in school to accessing health records. Since its launch in 2010, over 30 million units have been sold. Today, a mind boggling 140,000 apps have been developed for the iPad. One… [More]

Twelve Key Considerations For A Successful Technology Initiative

Technology adoption is a significant investment for a business. A sound choice and a successful implementation improve productivity and efficiency, enhance customer service and accelerate results. The following is a list of key considerations. A technology roadmap. Adoption of technologies needs to be well planned and viewed as part of… [More]

Adding Staff is Not The Solution

Shouldn’t improving efficiency be the first thought that comes to mind when faced with increased workload? Unfortunately, adding staff is the fire-fighting approach many adopt. Companies hire more people as the work volume increases and are quick to cut staff when business is down. This seesaw approach does not serve… [More]

Is the Sweet Spot Attainable?

A college implemented an event registration application to handle its student registrations and related administrative activities. Apart from extensive customization, numerous Access databases and tools were bandaged together in order to fulfill all its needs. As a result, convoluted work processes duplicated work, reduced productivity, and increased cost. Technology should… [More]