Stop the Madness

Many positions seek people with multi-tasking capability. One tends to correlate multitasking to possessing a superb ability to juggle numerous tasks and deliver excellent results. Research has shown that multitasking is a damper on productivity. One loses as much as 40% productivity due to the mental blocks created when switching… [More]

How I Help Clients Improve Their Business

Clients often ask how I am going to help them improve their business dramatically. I have a three-step approach. Interview key people. The goal is to learn more about the business, what is working, what’s not working, their challenges and frustrations. Diagnose current situation. The output of this step is… [More]

3 Things My Best Clients Do Differently To Achieve Success

They don’t have a complacent mindset. They consistently look for ways to improve and they don’t cocoon themselves by past successes. For example, a successful client of mine in the auto service business recognized that they needed to innovate. Right at this very moment they are just putting the final… [More]

Help Them Help You

Rightsizing has been marching through companies. The number of employees decreases while the workload increases. For those who retain their job, the transition period could be filled with anxiety, frustration, and confusion. The reasons for the overwhelmed feelings are: Uncertainties on what might transpire—little warning on impending changes Lost expertise—leaving… [More]

A Burning Platform

I have been conducting interviews with senior business leaders on transformation. One of the key challenges we discussed was a burning platform for change. For businesses which have been successful, complacency hinders the drive for a leap to the next level of success. Changing the mindset is difficult because things… [More]

Execution Without Measurement Is Gambling

Execution is doing the necessary work to realize the results you set out to achieve. Execution requires resources: people, time and money. To ensure that your efforts are not wasted, you need to be clear on the results you aim for so that you select the right initiatives to work… [More]

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