Adding Staff is Not The Solution

Shouldn’t improving efficiency be the first thought that comes to mind when faced with increased workload? Unfortunately, adding staff is the fire-fighting approach many adopt. Companies hire more people as the work volume increases and are quick to cut staff when business is down. This seesaw approach does not serve… [More]

Is the Sweet Spot Attainable?

A college implemented an event registration application to handle its student registrations and related administrative activities. Apart from extensive customization, numerous Access databases and tools were bandaged together in order to fulfill all its needs. As a result, convoluted work processes duplicated work, reduced productivity, and increased cost. Technology should… [More]

Things to Consider to Avoid a Time Vacuum for Your Meetings

(This article was originally published in Sounding Board/May 2011. Sounding Board is the official publication of The Vancouver Board of Trade. The newspaper provides analysis and discussion of regional and national issues facing the business community. Reproduced with permission.) Meetings are intended to effect decisions that move you closer to… [More]

Turning Performance Metrics into a Strategic Tool

Traditional performance measurements focus on financial results and outcome. They reflect on results at the end of a time period. They are called “lagging indicators.” For example, common financial metrics include revenue growth, net income and margin. Customer satisfaction metrics include the number of complaints and satisfaction rating. These measurements… [More]

Centralize or Standardize: What Makes Sense

Business structures its organization around core functions such as marketing, information technology, operations, finance and human resources. This centralized model by expertise makes it simple for anyone to identify where to take their issue for resolution. Over the years, we have seen corporations switch between a centralized and a distributed… [More]