Control vs Collaboration

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Employees don’t like to be held accountable for something they don’t have control.

Though it might sound logical, companies need to change this mindset from control to collaboration. The shift is important because successful companies rely on coherent decisions and actions throughout the organization. That requires collaboration across departments.

For example, a manufacturer counts on an efficient manufacturing model to make a profit. No doubt, manufacturing efficiency is important. However, let’s not forget about the impact of the product design on the manufacturing process.

A clunky design leads to poor configuration of space and fitting of the components. That affects milling and assembly. To encourage the engineering team to engage the manufacturing folks in the design process, you want to measure the performance of the end to end process, from design to assembly. The engineers don’t have control on the productivity of the manufacturing team, but their design does influence the performance of manufacturing. The end-to-end process monitoring brings the engineers closer to the manufacturing team, fostering collaboration and certainly, the overall business performance.

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