Making Tough Decisions

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A tough decision is one that you don’t feel confident about your choice. This is when you wish there is someone to tell you what is best. We all have experience with this situation. Here are three things I do when I am in such a position.

1.       Look at the worst case scenario

Consider the worst that could happen if your choice didn’t work out. For example, delaying the investment in an ERP would put a lot of pressure on the employees as the company goes through a growth phase. That means you need to hire more people, pay overtime, and have burnt out employees.

2.       Assess tolerance

If the worst happened, how well would you be able to cope? Following the above example, you determine how tolerable it is as the current situation deteriorates. Is there any thing you could do for relief? Revisit the status quo and assess potential changes that you could introduce. In this case, it could be adjustments with respect to workload and juggling resources. Consider how long you could sustain in that manner.

3.       Move on

Though the choice you make might concern you, you need to move pass the circling debate that spins in your head. You have looked at the options. You have done your analysis. The choice might not be perfect but it presents itself as the best one at the time, so be at ease about it and move on.

There is always uncertainty. It would not be a good use of your time and effort to convince yourself that risk doesn’t exist. After all, a perfect solution today could become a poor decision overnight. So, do the due diligence, make a choice, and be stout about it.

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