The Marvel of Pokémon

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Pokémon just celebrated its 25th anniversary in the role-playing game business in February. It continues to draw a loyal following and a massive community around the world. Since the release of the first video game in 1996, the franchise bolds successes beyond the games arena. It has a hit television anime series, top-selling toy brand and trading card game, and apps such as the Pokémon Go.

Businesses envy the unending evolution of Pokémon. What is the secret sauce to success? There are 3 key elements to note.

Foundational values that perpetuate. Atsushi Nagashima, the Trading Card Game Director, shared in a recent interview that friendship, togetherness, and friendly competition are values they embed in their approach to enriching and enhancing the longevity of the game. Over 30 billion cards have been sold globally. His design team pays a lot of attention to the play mechanics, ensuring that these values are incorporated.

For the customers, the interactions through play continue to perpetuate from one release to the next. What are the foundational values that your business would incorporate in the products and services to keep the customers interested and loyal?

Innovations that transform. The role-playing game market is highly competitive. Customers have many choices. When Pokémon GO was launched in 2016, it became an overnight global phenomenon. The partnership with Google and Nintendo to develop an augmented reality game app is a game-changer. The ingenious application of technology not only raised the bar for video games, it drew in new players all over the world. Its popularity spread like wildfire.

By paying attention to technology trends and being creative about potential opportunities, striking a strategic partnership enabled Pokémon to innovate and grow while keeping their fans excited. What is your strategy on innovation?

Community that engages. There are Pokémon events all over the world. They include Pokémon League, League Cups and Challenges, tournaments, and annual world championships. Some events are small hosted at local toy and hobby stores. Players and fans meet new friends and share experiences at events. The camaraderie of fans builds a strong sense of belonging.

An engaging community of fans cultivates loyalty and longevity for the game. For your business, how would you build a community that values your offerings and becomes evangelists?The business environment will evolve regardless whether your business is ready or not Share on X

The business environment will evolve regardless whether your business is ready or not. Businesses that are clear on their values and have the vision to constantly innovate to serve their customers will remain relevant.

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