Is the Best Practice Really the Best?

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Many businesses choose to adopt best practices they hear about due to the great results others have achieved. Before making the decision, you should ask the following questions:

  1. What issues does the practice address?
  2. What quantifiable results others have been able to achieve?
  3. What options did they consider before adopting the practice?
  4. Is there any similarity between your situation and others’ who are successful with the practice?
  5. How much effort did they invest?
  6. What challenges did they run into along the way?
  7. Who champions the effort?
  8. Have others been able to replicate success by maintaining the practice?
  9. How do they sustain the effort?
  10. What changes would they make to improve the practice?

In searching for the answer to each question, you need to get to the specifics. Crude information would not provide sufficient insight for assessing whether the ‘best’ practice is suitable. What is best for others does not imply success for your business. Beware of the differences between common practices and best practices.

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