3 Ways to Boost Morale through Operational Excellence

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Happy employees are productive workers. They are excited about the work and take pride in what they do. The gratifying feeling displayed generates this burst of energy that enlightens colleagues around them. The positive morale is a productivity booster. On the other hand, unhappy employees spread negative energy. They complain and do their work grudgingly.

As an employer, there are three simple ways to boost morale through operational excellence. They don’t cost any money. In fact, you could save money and improve your bottom-line.

1.       Eliminate pain points

Work that demands laborious effort tends to be piled with onerous tasks. They are highly error prone leading to rework. When the volume increases, this work turns into a bottleneck. No one enjoys spending hours on cumbersome work and only moves the needle forward by a tiny bit. Employees feel frustrated and discouraged.

2.       Remove political contention

Political turf battles are instigated by those who want to hoard knowledge, asset, or people to build authority. Workers are caught not knowing whether they would be reprimanded when their actions contradict with the team’s or their boss’s view. While sitting on the fence, the needed work would not get done. Aggressive behaviours also create animosity amongst colleagues.

3.       Assign accountability

Clear roles and responsibilities establish the accountability for performance. Ownership fosters initiative at the individual’s level. This lessens shirking of duty and finger pointing. Employees are more apt to seek help and advice. The collaborative atmosphere is constructive. Workers are supportive of each other.

Employee morale sets the tone for the workplace. Cooperation and productivity increase with morale. Workers speak favourably about the employer which attracts talent. The ripple effects benefit the company in many ways.

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