Finding the Right Team Balance

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Young Woman Doing Yoga Exercise Tree-pose Isolated On WhiteThe tree pose in yoga looks simple but it requires focus and technique in order to balance your stance on one foot. It helps if you gaze at a distant object. Some days, the balance just might not work. You sway like a tree branch in the wind. You struggle to rebalance but still lose it at the end.

Excellent team work is a powerful force to deliver exceptional results. The sum of the intellectual power and experiences of the team members constitute congruent efforts to conquer the challenge on hand. To build a great team, you need to find the right people to fill the roles. For every team, there are 2 distinct roles. They are the leader and the doers. The leader provides direction and guidance. The doers carry out the actual work. The chemistry and skills of the people in those two roles need to be in balance so that they are able to fulfill their responsibilities.

If you were looking to build a creative marketing campaign, you would need creative people to be the doers. For this work, the leader ought to be open-minded to the ideas presented. A leader who tends to shoot down ideas too quickly would bury unconventional concepts and ideas in a flash. The doers might end up spending much time to get buy-in from the leader.

If you were looking to improve an established payment model, you would need innovative and analytical minds to be the doers. The doers need to be able to identify the deficiencies of the existing payment model and determine the biggest drawbacks they need to address. Innovative thinking would be helpful also. The leader would possess strong critical thinking skills to help the doers focus and select the best option to move forward. A wandering leader would lead to delays and sub-optimal solutions.

Building a strong team involves selecting the people with the appropriate skills and knowledge, the proper aptitude, and an amicable blend of personalities. A lack of balance in the team dynamics would be counterproductive. Just like losing your balance in the tree pose, you ought to start all over again.

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