Questions for Operational Effectiveness

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Clarity on what needs to be done:

  1. Is there a clear understanding of what work is to be performed?
  2. Does the work involve convoluted processes?
  3. Are there any conspicuous rules that complicate the work?

Clarity on responsibilities:

  1. Do the employees have a clear idea on what their responsibilities are?
  2. How well does each person relate his role to the overall scheme of things?
  3. Is there a mutual respect and support of colleagues’ work?

Effective two-way communication:

  1. Does the right information get delivered to the appropriate individuals in a timely manner?
  2. How well do individuals and departments share information?
  3. Is information complete, clear, and relevant to the receiver?

Competency of employees:

  1. Do the employees have the right skills and expertise to do the work?
  2. Is there adequate support when required?
  3. How frequent do employees participate in pertinent developmental opportunities?

Supportive tools and applicable techniques:

  1. Are tools and techniques archaic and problematic?
  2. How well do they simplify and expedite the work involved?
  3. Do they enhance the quality of results?

Consistency and coherence:

  1. Are the processes repeatable to deliver consistent results?
  2. Do departments and business units work succinctly with minimal duplication?
  3. Is there solid integration of processes and technology to optimize the use of resources?

Optimal use of resources:

  1. Are the best people assigned to do the work?
  2. Is there adequate number of people assigned to complete the work on time?
  3. Can work be done within the allocated budget?

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