Adding Staff is Not The Solution

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Shouldn’t improving efficiency be the first thought that comes to mind when faced with increased workload? Unfortunately, adding staff is the fire-fighting approach many adopt.

Companies hire more people as the work volume increases and are quick to cut staff when business is down. This seesaw approach does not serve the customers well, nor is it fair to those who are to be hired today and let go when the economy goes downhill tomorrow.

Companies need to be proactive when it comes to improving efficiency. Any time is a good time to do the work. Let me explain why:

  • Productivity improvement boosts bottom-line;
  • A nimble operation minimizes the need to add or reduce staff in a drastic manner;
  • Enhanced employee morale from getting rid of non value-added work;
  • Elimination of inefficiencies prevents their perpetuation;
  • Customers remain loyal and satisfied when service level is consistent.

Efficiency enhancement should be top of mind for savvy business managers. Inefficiencies ought to be handled as early and as quickly as possible. Decision makers are accountable for making sound investment of resources. There is no excuse for throwing more money at doing the wrong things. Therefore, take the time to uncover ways to do things more effectively before jumping to hire more staff.

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