Is Your Team Wary of Targets?

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Targets serve as goals to drive a business forward. To achieve these targets, you need support from your team. When your team is wary of targets, they tend to avoid accountability.

Your team is wary of targets when they have little clue on how those targets are set. You could help by doing these two things.

  1. First, involve your team in setting targets. Identify key people who need to take ownership of the targets. Involve them in the discussion. The engagement gives everyone an opportunity to share their thoughts on what to focus on and establish the target level of performance together.
  2. Second, get alignment. Alignment comes from a sense of trust, and a comfort level with the targets. When the team feels that they have the capabilities to achieve the targets, they won’t hesitate to step up. When you have alignment, ownership follows. Assigning targets as directives won’t get you the support you need. Click To Tweet

Assigning targets as directives won’t get you the support you need. There will be little commitment as people would shirk responsibilities and play the blame game.

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