How to Get Buy-in on KPIs

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How do your employees feel about KPIs? Do they embrace them or do they feel threatened by them?

KPIs are used to monitor performance. Your business needs performance measurement to identify opportunities for improvement. When employees feel threatened by KPIs, two things could happen.

One, they lean toward reporting on what is good, worrying that poor performance would be penalized. That’s not good for your business because issues would be kept under cover until they become chaotic.

Two, teams blame on others for poor results. The tendency to shirk responsibilities is divisive, creating work silos.

To get buy-in on KPIs, start with education.

Position KPIs as a tool and not a whip. This is important because you need to overcome the entrenched perception that KPIs are used to identify poor performers. Make it clear how the results would be used, how team members could collaborate to better serve customers.

Then, involve team members in the selection of KPIs. Engage them in healthy discussions on where they see the business should focus its energy.

The process identifies areas that deserve attention, and what the team needs to monitor.

Team members feel you value their input. You build commitment. They accept accountability more readily.Changing the perception about KPIs doesn’t happen overnight. Click To Tweet

Changing the perception about KPIs doesn’t happen overnight. You need to be persistent and disciplined about the process. When you are successful in getting buy-in on performance measurement, you would see better collaboration and excitement about continuous improvement.

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