Leadership and Productivity

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Productivity impacts business in many ways. It affects throughput, cost, margin, quality of service, even morale. Monitoring productivity is important. But understanding the contributing factors to poor productivity is critical.

Hi, I am Connie Siu. Welcome to the series on performance measurement.

When we look at productivity, we tend to focus on the individual who does the work.

Today, I would like to direct your attention to an area that we often overlook. It is leadership.

Poor leadership affects the day-to-day operations and productivity of the team.

A disorganized leader changes priorities often. His knee-jerk reactions lead to constant fire-fighting.

A leader with poor communication causes confusion.

A micromanager inserts himself in every aspect of work. The lack of trust gets his team nervous about following instructions instead of doing great work.

A leader who avoids conflicts shies away from tackling problems especially inter-departmental issues that have significant impact on productivity.

Unfortunately, many organizations gather feedback on leadership in their employee survey that happens once a year. It is not frequent enough.

To achieve high productivity, you need to increase the frequency of leadership measurement. This would allow you to be proactive and introduce changes required for good leadership.

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