The Check Point

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Have you realized the anticipated benefits from your operational excellence improvement efforts? Whether it is a simple elimination of redundant work or an extensive overhaul of a core business process, the validation of the impacts is just as important as committing the resources to initiate the improvement in the first place.

Without putting in place a way to monitor the improvements, you rely on anecdotal evidence which bases mostly on observations and subjective interpretations. It is inadequate. With proper tracking, you would be able to leverage the revealing results in many ways.

  1. Boosts buy-in—everyone gets excited about successes. When you are able to share concrete improvements that make work easier and reduce frustrations, morale improves as well. At the same time, you build trust, laying the foundation for gaining buy-in for future improvement initiatives.
  2. Expand deployment—the proven changes provide a framework that you can expand deployment to other areas of the business. You can adapt the approach on change implementation, the methodology on process automation, or restructuring of roles and responsibilities. The learnings will facilitate more expedient future implementation.
  3. Abandon bad ideas—data that reflect little positive impacts are indicative of flaws with the improvement initiative. The problems could be attributable to different factors, spanning from the solution design to the adequacy of training and implementation. The acknowledgement helps to avoid making the same mistakes.

The check for impacts serves many purposes. With increasing constraints on resources and pressures on accountability, it is essential to ensure that there is a way to monitor the effects of your improvement efforts.

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