What Is The Logic?

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Single latte

My friend and I met for brunch at a restaurant in downtown Vancouver. We ordered our lattes as soon as we sat down. I ordered a regular size and my friend chose a large one. The coffees came with impressive latte art on top. As we took our first sip, my friend found that her coffee was a little weak. Mine, on the contrary, was just perfect.

Upon consulting with the server, we learned that they use a standard shot of espresso for each coffee, regardless of size. Wait a minute—what happens to quality and consistency? Coffee lovers who want a large coffee do not want diluted coffee. They want more coffee of the same strength and flavour!

Interestingly, the server responded matter of factly that it is their practice to use the same portafilter for all coffee sizes. I truly do not understand the logic. Unfortunately, the restaurant just lost two customers.

Does the quality of your product suffer because of inflexible practices? Is it sloppy design or laziness? What can you do to overcome them?

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