Technology Adoption Rate

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Technology promises to automate manual tasks, improve productivity, and deliver cost savings. However, the realization of these benefits is subject to user adoption.

The experience of a service organization which just completed the implementation of an Enterprise Resource Planning application reconfirms that user adoption is critical to the success of technology deployment. You need to pay attention to user adoption.

There are two factors.

First, ease of use. We have used cumbersome applications that require repeat input of the same data or applications that have user interfaces that are not intuitive. We end up abandoning the solution. For the Enterprise Resource Planning application I mentioned, the screens were cluttered and users questioned why they needed to input so much data to submit a material request.

Second, practicality of the solution. Technology changes operational processes. Any changes that complicate how work is done provoke workarounds. The end result is inconsistent adoption. When you rely on the data captured to make business decisions, incomplete data skew the picture. For the service organization, it could not trust the accuracy of the inventory data to set reorder points.

Haphazard adoption creates havoc. Click To TweetTechnology deployment would deliver the desired benefits when users adopt the solution wholeheartedly. Haphazard adoption creates havoc. So, it is important to look at the user adoption rate.

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