Are You Putting the BI Cart Before the Horse?

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BI applications are great for gathering data from different sources, analyzing them and presenting the results in a visual format. A lot of the manual tasks associated with spreadsheets and static presentations are eliminated. However, we need to be careful not to put the cart before the horse.

When you create a dashboard, you need to determine the KPIs that are relevant to the business. The BI application doesn’t do that for you.

When you organize and process the data for analysis, you need to figure out what is meaningful. The BI application doesn’t do the thinking for you.

When you present the results, you need to determine whether a line chart, a bar graph, or a tree diagram would make it easy to convey the message for users’ comprehension. The BI application doesn’t do the picking for you. In fact, the plethora of options can make it confusing.

In other words, the BI application is a tool. You still need to do the thinking.

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