How to Gain Employee Buy-in for Performance Targets

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Performance goals are often defined top-down. The managers or business owners determine what they want to use.

In doing so, employees have little say in what would be used to measure their performance. This goes with setting their target performance also.

While imposing the performance targets on employees have you feel that you are in control, you end up with frustrating employees who feel the goals are unreasonable. As a results, they are uncommitted.

To gain employees buy-in, you need to involve them in determining what both parties, you and the employee, consider as meaningful performance goals.

In that conversation, you articulate clearly what the critical outcomes are for the position and your expectations. The employee has the opportunity to ask questions and share ideas on what he feels is reasonable and attainable. The discussion helps to build a deeper understanding of his role.

The transparency also enhances engagement. Employees feel they are heard. When you have their buy-in, you will see higher commitment and ownership, which in turn, helps the business achieve its goals.

Before you finalize your performance goals for next quarter, involve your employees in selecting what performance measures to use and setting the targets.

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