The One-on-one Meetings

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Many companies have adopted the weekly one-on-one meetings with their direct reports. In fact, the one-on-one meetings have replaced the annual performance review in many organizations.

Let’s look at a few key differences.

The annual performance review is perceived to be a critique meeting for the manager to provide feedback on performance. It is backward looking. It’s meant to cover the work completed over the past 12 months though most of the time, no one could recall much beyond 3 months. The discussion often puts the employee in a defensive position.

On the contrary, the weekly one-on-one meetings are conversations about priorities, feedback, and development. It is a time for the manager to show gratitude, listen and gather information from the direct report on the support they need to do a better job. It is also a time to provide coaching for personal development.

There is a key shift in the mindset about feedback and engagement with the one-on-one meetings.

If you are still doing the annual performance reviews, consider switching to the one-on-one meetings. You will find your employees appreciate the frequent check-ins. You will find the new rhythm is an excellent way to build real connections with your team, enhancing productivity and morale.

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