You Can Do More With Less

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Many companies find themselves short of resources to handle the mountain of work. They don’t have the budget to hire more staff or invest in new tools to improve efficiency. Employees are stressed and morale is low. What could you do?

There are many ways to do more with less. Options include:

  • Focus on high-priority work—this means delay low-priority work so that you can have your team concentrate their effort on fewer things. This actually increases speed and improves results.
  • Identify inefficiencies and correct the problems—there are many ways to improve productivity and I wrote about them in my blog post 10 Ways to Increase Productivity with Zero Capital.
  • Migrate work to business partners—vendors might be willing to take on tasks that are better suited for them to do, though there might be cost implications.
  • Migrate work to customers—the self-help concept is welcomed by customers when the change brings convenience and speed.
  • Reduce bureaucracy—this eliminates unnecessary work that usurps time and energy. Politics might get in the way when people’s territory is under attack.

Some of the options are simpler than others. Nonetheless, each helps to free up resources enabling you to do more with less.

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