The Business Of Manufacturing Time

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LAS - ChallengerRelaxing in the plush leather seat on the London Air Services’ Challenger jet, I was ready to fly to anywhere in the world. The spacious cabin and the luxurious setting offer travellers privacy, comfort, and an impeccable flying experience. There is ample workspace, internet access, in-flight phones, and even a bed, if you need it.

London Air Services (LAS) graciously hosted a tour for the Vancouver Board of Trade Leaders of Tomorrow program. Wynne Powell, President and CEO, and his team gave us a warm welcome. The sparkly clean hangar grabbed my attention. One can tell the quality of service is superb!

The goal of LAS, as described by Powell, is to manufacture time for its clients, who are mostly business executives. There is no waits to check-in or to clear customs. There are no layovers at airports because you fly to your destination direct. Travellers save time and can relax on-board. I can appreciate why LAS excels in the highly competitive market. Their fleet of Learjets, Challengers, and helicopters takes you where you want to fly to at your convenience.

Powell also shared his wisdom on success, something that he has incorporated into the culture for the company. The four ingredients for success are:

  • Passion for what you do
  • Knowledge necessary to excel
  • Hunger to take action today
  • High energy from leading a healthy life

Every employee is given a card with the four success ingredients on it. If an individual feels that he lacks any one of the ingredients, he is encouraged to seek advice and assistance. This fosters individual success, which is crucial for corporate success.

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