How Lack of Buy-in Impacts Your Measurement Efforts

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Performance measurement helps a business to be proactive. A lack of buy-in though, affects how well you can leverage your measurement efforts.

  1. When employees worry about penalty, they blame someone else on performance that is not up to par. For example, the field technician of a utility company blames customer service for incomplete order information when there is a backlog, when the issue is with their own process in pulling the necessary information they need.
  2. When employees don’t take measurement seriously, they act to comply. Little care is taken to ensure that proper data are used. The mediocre work makes it difficult to uncover the real issue and grasp the underlying message. When employees don’t take measurement seriously, they act to comply. Share on X
  3. When employees avoid accountability, they make little commitment to take ownership of the results outside their scope of work. For example, a sales rep continues to accept purchase orders from a customer whose account is in arrears. The sales rep cares only about boosting sales at the expense of finance.

To fully leverage measurement, you need to get employee buy-in. Without it, your measurement efforts provider data that you couldn’t fully utilize for sound decisions and actions.

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