Are You Using Performance Measurement to Drive Change?

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Most businesses have a system in place to monitor and report results regularly but they aren’t able to leverage this effort to drive change. If you share the same feelings about your performance measurement effort, the following three reasons might be the culprit.

  1. The results you monitor have reached a plateau which the business might be satisfied with. But if you want to advance the business, you would need to shift your focus to areas that require improvement. Identify where those areas are and introduce new performance indicators.
  2. You focus on high level aggregate performance indicators, and there is a lack of more granular metrics that help you associate them with actions that drive improvements. Without the intelligence, it is difficult to determine what you could do to drive change.
  3. The results you monitor don’t provide a line-of-sight that helps teams and individuals to elevate success. This means the results you look at show little correlation to each other. Hence, you can’t pin-point changes needed.

To use performance measurement to drive change, you need to hone in on measurements that reveal problems. Otherwise, the results are just data, not insight that you can act on.

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