First Call Resolution Rate

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For a customer contact center, the first call resolution rate is an important performance measure. It tells you how well your agents address customer inquiries. Looking at this result alone, however, doesn’t provide sufficient information to act on.

If the percentage is low, then what? What additional information do you need? To identify if any training and what type of training are needed, it would be helpful to know where the knowledge deficiency is. In other words, you need to categorize the types of inquiry and report on the corresponding first call resolution rates. It is inadequate to monitor just the overall first call resolution rate. You certainly can report on the overall rate, but you need to do more granular measurement to drive action.

When you look at results, a single measure seldom provides adequate actionable information. This is why you need to look at a complement of measures that are tightly correlated to build the intelligence for making sound decisions and taking proper actions.

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