Who Owns the Results After Project Completion?

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As a project is underway, we report on progress of work. Reporting on progress is generally useful for 3 things

  • First, to gauge whether the work activities are on track
  • Second, to acknowledge what has been delivered
  • Third, to reiterate the work is still outstanding

This is particularly important for the project team, project manager, and the project sponsor as they want to make sure that the momentum is not lost.

What is more important to a business though is the results delivered.

Does the new software help to improve productivity? Unfortunately, when an initiative is complete, no one is assigned to monitor results. You could gather anecdotal feedback, but it is not adequate.

For an engineering company, for example, it is critical to monitor results to validate a particular design approach. It is risky to expand the adoption of that design approach if there is little proof of the results.

To monitor return on investment, you need to delegate someone to own the results. This person is responsible for monitoring the benefits delivered, and proactively sharing the learnings. To monitor return on investment, you need to delegate someone to own the results. Share on X

Take a look at the initiatives that you have underway, have you assigned someone to be accountable for monitoring the outcomes so that in 6 months or a year from now, you know the actual benefits realized?

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