Strategy Without Execution Is Hallucination

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Strategy development paints a picture of what you want the company to be and the achievements you aim for. Execution is doing the necessary work to deliver the outcome. Many companies fail to implement their strategy successfully. To avoid failure, pay attention to the following:

  • Ensure every employee understands what the goals are—a framed strategy statement on the wall is a picture without words. Individuals can interpret however they see fit. Incongruent actions are attributable to misaligned understanding of goals.
  • Select pertinent and focused action—companies are quick to start initiatives. There are way too many projects on the go. Focus resources on a select few relevant initiatives that are high priorities for success.
  • Commit adequate and appropriate resources—allocate proper resources with the right skills and experience for expedient execution. Be objective and impartial in dealing with issues. Equip people with the needed skills through training. Sink or swim does not work.
  • Hold people accountable—be clear on timeline and expectations. Do not allow silos mindset perpetuate and create confusion. Monitor closely. Act promptly and decisively when things derail.
  • Communicate clearly and often—prepare a sound plan for sharing information in a timely manner. Communicate in person as much as possible. Build a support network to address questions and concerns. Share successes, roadblocks, and mistakes.
  • Drive change with determination—understand the impacts and meet resistance with a positive outlook. Be persistent. Look out for the naysayers and their supporters; reassign them if they are reluctant to change.

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