How to Build Excitement about Process Improvement

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Processes are the engines of a business operation. When there are hiccups, employees get bogged down, frustrated. Customers will be impacted.

Most employees welcome process improvement because it helps to streamline their work. To build excitement about process improvement, you need to do 3 things.

  1. Commit effort to do the work. Form a small team to formalize the work. This sends a message that the need is acknowledged and you are committed to fix the issues. Share what the plan is and if appropriate, the target improvements.
  2. Involve people who have a role to play. Gather input directly from those who work the process every day. This engagement facilitates the development of practical solutions which helps to build buy-in for the pending change.
  3. Communicate progress frequently. Share progress beyond the project team on a regular basis. Communication builds awareness. People would begin to pay attention to processes they are involved in themselves and take initiative to improve them.

When you are successful in cultivating a mindset that processes are key to a happy workplace and high morale, people would be excited about process improvement.

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