From Fear to Innovation

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The perception about results measurement is one laced with negativity.

The thinking is my manager wants to see how I am doing and compares my performance with another person, or he uses the results to determine whether I will receive a bonus.

The focus is on the individual. This explains why most people don’t like performance measurement.

We need to turn performance measurement on its head. Instead of focusing on the individual, shift the focus to processes and systems.

Individuals’ performances are subject to the rules and procedures that are in place. I encourage you to spend a day job-shadowing and see first-hand the issues your team faces.

The “aha” moments are revealing. You’ll quickly come to realize that processes and systems need to be improved to enable higher productivity. This means you need to measure the performance of processes and systems.

By doing so, your team would become more receptive to identify problems and share innovative ideas for improvement. You eliminate the fear and turn measurement into a gauge that your team relies on to improve results.

We need to change our mindset and approach to performance measurement if we want to create a healthy culture that embraces it.


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