Dealing with Vague Goals

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Vague goals are those presented in broad languages that are difficult to grasp. For example, be an innovative company. Most of us have an idea what ‘innovative’ means.

But what does it mean to the design engineer in the product development group? How would the market research team support that goal? What are the expectations from the procurement department?

When you are presented with a vague goal, ask for clarity.

  • Ask what does it means to be innovative, what does success look like?
  • Ask who leads the innovation program, that’s the person you want to talk to and get more specifics.
  • Ask who the players are, you will get a better sense the extent of your involvement.

Answers to these questions help to build a clear picture on what the goal is about. You can then determine who you collaborate with and develop plans for priorities, initiatives, and resource allocation. Always seek clarity before taking action. Otherwise, it is not possible to align your work to attain optimal outcomes.

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