Training and Coaching

Pragmatic Techniques that Are Easy to Deploy

CDC Synectics provides pragmatic training to build a high performance company. Each training program is developed based on proven strategies and techniques.



Operational Improvement Program

With the objective to elevate business results, this program covers the common challenges that hamper efficiency and effectiveness, their root causes, and how to overcome them.

CDC Synectics’ 6-step approach to operational improvement provides the techniques to:

  • Identify the most concerning issues
  • Determine what needs to be done to deliver the ideal results
  • Assess where to focus your energy to close the gap between the future state and current state
  • Simplify execution and expedite results
  • Redefine roles and responsibilities to support the changes

Operational inefficiencies are the insidious plague that gobbles up resources for little or no return. If your business needs a boost to productivity, start early to reverse the trend before the deficiencies become choke points.


Performance Measures Development Program

What gets measured gets improved. You can leverage measurement to drive focus on what is important for the business. This helps to eliminate noise that distracts and mis-allocate your invaluable resources. Nothing is more frustrating than wasting effort on initiatives that don’t align with your business objectives.

This program helps to:

  • Get clarity on the results that are most important to your business
  • Assess the effectiveness of the measures you use
  • Develop pertinent performance measures that support your strategic goals
  • Create the line-of-sight for performance accountability

This program provides a fresh perspective on performance measures. You would be able to link goals, results, and measures so that there is no confusion on why you are monitoring the select results. Performance improves when you measure the right things.

Each program is tailored to meet your specific needs. After the training, Connie offers coaching to ensure that the learnings are applied properly. Acting as a sounding board, Connie reviews progress regularly to address questions and implementation challenges. Your team benefits from Connie’s expertise, honest and unbiased input.

To customize the program for your specific needs, call Connie at 604-790-1220 or email us today!