The Shift to Collaborative Performance

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In every business, there is an intricate network of interdependent work processes. These processes cross departmental boundaries. How well one department performs its work impacts the work to be done downstream.

For instance, an expedient client onboarding process for a financial service company requires gathering accurate and complete information about the client right at the start to avoid any rework. Otherwise, the account setup team won’t have the information to verify the identity of the client or validate employment history. Having to go back to the client multiple times not only projects an unprofessional image, it also causes delay to other work such as risk profile assessment.

When a process involves multiple departments, collaboration among the different areas is key to success. One way to keep collaboration top of mind is to reward collaborative performance.

Following the above example, you would determine what collaborative success looks like for client onboarding. It could be the elapse time for the end-to-end process. By setting a performance target, you encourage the departments involved to better coordinate their work and explore ideas for improvement.

In an environment where things are constantly changing, like now, it is more important than ever to get everyone think about collaborative success. The shift encourages inclusive thinking, a more holistic approach to tackle problems and drive improvements.

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