Who Cares about the Net Promoter Score

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The Net Promoter Score has been widely adopted as a key performance indicator of customer loyalty and satisfaction.

Business owners and leaders care about the net promoter score. A high score reflects that customers are happy about the product and will recommend it to their friends.

The net promoter score serves the business. It is not very meaningful to the customers.

If you care about the customers, you want to look at on customer performance indicators.

Let me share a few examples of customer performance indicators.

First call resolution is a customer performance indicator. A high first call resolution rate says your call centre agents are able to help the customer when she calls in. There is no need for a second call.

On-time delivery is a customer performance indicator. Customers are happy when you meet the promised delivery date.

Service satisfaction is a customer performance indicator. High satisfaction ranking says your customer is happy with the service you provide.

When you focus on what is important to the customers, you are in tuned with their needs. The net promoter score looks at results from the business perspective. The customer performance indicators, on the other hand, hone in on the customers. When you take good care of them, you in turn will drive good business outcomes.

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