Simple Tasks that Delight Your Customers

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On a recent vacation to Quebec City, I goofed big time in misreading the departure time for the return flight home. The department time was 5:00. For whatever reason, I thought it was 5:00 pm.

Around 3:00 pm, I strolled leisurely to print the boarding pass at the airport. The message displayed on the check-in monitor said the booking reference number was invalid. I walked up to the Air Canada counter agent and she politely informed me that I had missed my flight. What an inexcusable boo-boo!

The agent was able to find a seat for the leg from Quebec City to Toronto, but nothing available from Toronto to Vancouver, my home town, until the next morning. I dreaded the need to stay overnight in Toronto. With a few hours to kill, I parked myself close to the boarding gate and did some reading.

About an hour later, the Air Canada agent walked up and informed me that she found a seat for a flight out from Toronto the same evening. I was ecstatic.

What the agent did was beyond the call of duty. I was delighted because of her extra effort in looking out for a seat when she could have left the rebooking as is. What impressed me the most was that she walked around the airport, found me and delivered the good news personally. That was truly impeccable service.

The experience with my internet service provider is quite the contrary. Every time I called about a problem, it was a painful one-hour ordeal, if not longer. I can’t imagine my problems are unique. How come those issues haven’t been documented so that agents can look up the steps and help the customer quickly?

Take a look at all your customer touch points and see what your team could do to deliver that impeccable service and delight your customers.

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