10 Reasons Why Process Must Come First

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Running a business is an intricate undertaking. Employees work on tasks that are interrelated. Today, technology is used in completing most of the work. As a result, many of us believe that work needs to be designed around the capabilities of the technology. This approach leads to sub-optimal execution and underperforming technologies. Instead, process needs to be the driver for effective execution. Here are ten reasons why process is a top priority for every business.

1.       Every process has a purpose which sets the goal post for the work.

2.       Regulations impose work that must be incorporated into the workflow.

3.       Business rules stipulate how certain work must be done.

4.       The sequence of tasks affects work design.

5.       Tools and systems expedite completion but can also place constraints on execution.

6.       The location where the completed work needs to be delivered influences the overall coordination.

7.       The nature of the work determines the specific skills required.

8.       Data capture must follow a logical flow as each data element is associated with other data.

9.       Handoffs between work groups have ripple effects on the overall result.

10.   Integration of work across departments and business units drives efficiency.

Process encompasses all of the above in laying out the roadmap for execution. Without a clear understanding of the process, companies would be challenged to place resources in the appropriate places and to leverage technology properly.

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