A Great Start to a Friendship

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The PMO Symposium kicked off with a welcome reception for over 600 project management professionals on the private beach located at Hotel Del Coronado in San Diego. There were great food, drinks, and music. With the silky sand under my feet, I was totally relaxed and engaged in interesting conversations with people I just met.

With a slight sea breeze, the atmosphere was warm.  What a wonderful way to start a friendship with people from 26 countries. Everyone was eager to learn about each other; where they are from, what they do; and a few personal highlights. Perhaps the most memorable part for the evening was marshmallow roasting over a bonfire. One could fully indulge in sweets. I was completely satisfied after a chocolate sandwich made with a roasted marshmallow and shredded coconut.

Over the course of the next two days, there was plenty of time to network and continue the conversations started at the beach reception. People were anxious to share their day’s experience and thoughts. They had no preconceived notions of what they learned, just an open mind to absorb relevant information.

In your business, do you have similar opportunities for cultivating relationships amongst your staff and across business units? You won’t need a lavish beach party; just a friendly, risk-free environment where people are comfortable to speak up and share knowledge.

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