Ceding the Slogan “Don’t Leave Home without It”

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It was 38 years ago that American Express successfully launched the “Don’t Leave Home without It” campaign to promote its credit card. The campaign was so successful that it built a premium image for its card in consumer’s mind. Today, the slogan may be better suited for the smartphone.

According to a nation-wide survey of over 1000 Canadians in 2012, 65% of the smartphone and tablet users feel “naked” when they don’t have their device; 46% sleep with their smartphone next to them; 5% keep it in bed; 55% check it before they brush their teeth in the morning. The mobile device has simply taken over as one’s best friend. It is used to:

  • ccommunicate with others via call, text, and email
  • access the internet for information
  • share momentous information via social media
  • look for directions for travelling from point A to B
  • take pictures
  • record videos
  • take notes
  • schedule activities and set reminders
  • create to-do lists
  • store contact information
  • listen to music
  • play games
  • make payments

This list is unlikely exhaustive. What a smartphone could do is simply amazing. For your business, is there any way you could leverage the mobile technology? Consider how your business could:

  1. Increase productivity such as providing remote access to sales presentation and download of product information on demand.
  2. Provide timely information on the go such as pushing targeted advertisements and traffic report.
  3. Activate an alert when certain threshold conditions set off a warning for action such as a stock price reaches a target level for selling.
  4. Authorize an action through unique authentication such as an iris scan.
  5. Offer service on-demand such as how-to tips.
  6. Provide the capability to complete a transaction such as the automated payment of meter parking.
  7. Perform an important task of a process such as the approval of a contract.

These opportunities require ingenuity and an open mind to create new possibilities. By offering a fully integrated solution that eliminates the need to be on-site, companies and individuals gain time and the added flexibility for work-life balance. It is time for your business to consider how to inject mobile technology into your strategy and the operating model. Look out, American Express! The credit card might become obsolete real soon.

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