Leaders with No Title

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Leaders have this magnet which draws people who are delighted to follow them, to offer their support, and to do work for them voluntarily. Leaders don’t necessarily have a fancy title. They are capable of:

  • earning trust and respect because of their demonstrated ability to achieve results in difficult situations;
  • working with anyone as they are always ready to roll up their sleeves and be one of them;
  • synthesizing complex information quickly and communicating the essentials in layman’s terms;
  • presenting convincing cases with clarity and sound rationale;
  • providing guidance when others are confused or lost;
  • acting as a mediator in negotiations;
  • steering away from uneventful tasks and helping others to focus;
  • creating options spontaneously by drawing on information presented;
  • gaining cooperation from people at different levels;
  • getting support when they need it;
  • communicating openly the good, the bad, and the ugly;
  • solving problems through teamwork; and
  • being seen as fair due to their factual approaches and impartiality.

In a company, there are leaders everywhere. You hear loads of good things about them. They could be a business analyst, a researcher, or an accountant. What you might want to do is to groom them to take on bigger roles. Since talent is difficult to find these days, you want to do the best you can to keep them challenged so that they would be around for a while.

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