Execution Without Measurement Is Gambling

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Execution is doing the necessary work to realize the results you set out to achieve. Execution requires resources: people, time and money. To ensure that your efforts are not wasted, you need to be clear on the results you aim for so that you select the right initiatives to work on. Otherwise, you are gambling with the invaluable resources. This means you must have measureable goals which you closely monitor.

Many businesses preoccupy themselves with numerous initiatives without consciously identifying the results an initiative would effect and how well it supports the business strategy. There are two aspects of execution that are important: do the right work and do it well.

Do The Right Work
The “right” work does not include work that:

  • doesn’t have a clear line of sight to the business strategy
  • doesn’t contribute to an improvement to the business outcome
  • doesn’t expedite the achievement of the target results
  • adds complexity for zero benefit
  • creates unnecessary handoffs for territory building

Do The Right Work Well

To do the right work well, you need to:

  • be cognizant of the results you need to deliver
  • focus on a few priorities
  • align process, technology and people
  • measure results
  • make adjustments

An effective way to gauge whether the right work is being worked on and that it is done well is to measure results and monitor progress. Therefore, you ought to know the results you are after for each of the strategic goals. You ought to know what the indicators of success are. You ought to collect data on the results and analyze them to take appropriate action. Gambling with the resources you have is wasteful and the lost time is detrimental to the competitiveness of your business.

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